Steel Seal Back On TV

To help increase awareness of Steel Seal, our pour-in head gasket repair brand, we have recently developed and are currently broadcasting a TV advert.

A low-resolution version of the advert is available to view above, and tells the story of two people; Steve and Bill.

Both their cars have blown head gaskets, but Steve has a bottle of Steel Seal and so is able to get back on the road quickly. Bill was quoted over £1000 for a mechanical fix so had to scrap his car as he wasn’t aware of Steel Seal and didn’t know there was a more affordable option.

The TV advert is designed to explicitly show potential customers what the outcomes of a blown head gasket could be. On the one hand, the standard process is to take the car to a mechanic, and often the cost of the repair can outweigh the value of the vehicle. For this reason cars with blown head gaskets are often scrapped. When placing an advert on television, there is an extensive process to verify the truth of any and all statements made; meaning that when we say Bill’s car could cost over £1000 for a mechanical fix, it’s true.

The advert is currently airing between episodes of Top Gear on Dave, and between various shows on Comedy Central. We may be extending advertising to the ITV Hub (a catch-up service offered by ITV) and other channels as time goes on to assess the effectiveness of advertising on varying channels to increase awareness of Steel Seal across the country in the best way possible. The advertising spots were chosen based on the audience of the selected channels; rather than paying for untargeted mass marketing, we chose channels where viewership data was available to reveal that a high proportion of viewers of certain channels met criteria of the Steel Seal end user, such as planning to keep their vehicle for the foreseeable future.

Selected nationwide stockists of the Steel Seal product are featured at the end of the advert to give viewers an indication of where the product is found, based on their likeliness of being known to the general public.

This advert will run for three months, at which point revisions can be made. Any suggestions for improvement or collaboration are welcome.