Keep Your Diesel on the Road with Automotive Brands

MOT laws are about to get really tough as part of the push to get diesels off the road, and Automotive Brands’ products are helping diesel vehicles to meet the tighter specifications and pass their MOT.

Major fault: Visible smoke of any colour
Any vehicle fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF – fitted on all diesels made from 2009 onwards) will automatically fail their MOT if there is visible smoke of any colour emitted from the exhaust. Fortunately, Automotive Brands have a few products which can help fix the cause of the smoke in the first place, improving the condition of the vehicle as well as enabling it to pass its MOT.

Black/Bluish Smoke
Automotive Brands’ Power Maxed Stop Smoke oil additive is the perfect product to eliminate black smoke from the exhaust. It works by thickening the oil to a higher viscosity, increasing its ability to function despite worn internal components, reducing engine noise, black/blue smoke and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

Other smoke
For lighter smoke leaving the exhaust, Power Maxed Diesel Injector Cleaner is a fuel additive which can be added to approximately ¼ of a tank of fuel to help clear fuel dregs and other contaminants from the injectors to increase efficiency and reduce emissions, dark smoke and engine noise.

White smoke or steam from the exhaust can be a sign of a head gasket problem. Check for loss of coolant, oil in the coolant expansion tank and for a creamy white substance around the oil filler cap which can all be indicators of a blown head gasket. Use Automotive Brands’ Steel Seal pour-in head gasket fix to permanently repair the blown head gasket. The product circulates the cooling system until the combined heat and pressure caused by the faulted head gasket causes a thermochemical reaction whereby the Steel Seal solidifies in layers in the damaged area, repairing it as the reaction continues. The vehicle is then allowed to cool completely (for 6-8 hours) during which time the Steel Seal sets in place in a one-way reaction, creating a permanent fix.

Minor fault: High emissions
The government has lowered the threshold for a minor fault based on emissions on diesel vehicles, meaning it is important to ensure the engine and exhaust system is running as cleanly as possible prior to its MOT.

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) catches soot particulates from the combusted diesel, which it then burns away (the filter ‘regenerates’) as running temperatures get higher, usually during motorway driving or any driving over 40mph for more than 10-15 minutes. Vehicles fitted with a DPF which are only used for town driving are likely to be unable to regenerate, and can become clogged, reducing the efficiency of the vehicle, sometimes causing black smoke and even causing the turbo to go into limp home mode, at which point a drive along the motorway will not be enough to allow the filter to regenerate. Power Maxed DPF Cleaner is added to ¼ of a fuel tank, and lowers the combustion temperature of the soot in the filter for those vehicles which have become clogged, enabling the filter to regenerate at lower running temperatures. This in turn can not only reverse limp mode and enable the vehicle to run properly, but can also reduce the emissions caused by a clogged DPF.

The exhaust
Most Power Maxed products tackle issues right in the engine or, as above, in the DPF, thanks to the expertise in the creation of the products resulting from the input of a British Touring Car Championship race team. However, some emissions can be caused by contaminants in various parts of the exhaust system. Here, Cataclean Diesel, which is also supplied by Automotive Brands, can be added to the fuel tank to clear away the contaminants in the system, cleaning the internal parts and ensuring your diesel is MOT-ready.

Minor fault: Leaks
Much of the Power Maxed range is dedicated to stopping leaks all over the vehicle. A minor fault under the new MOT legislation constitutes a slow engine oil, power steering fluid or coolant leak, but this can turn into a major fault (and immediate fail of the MOT) if the leak is dripping during the examination. Whilst the latter is likely to require the attention of a mechanic to find and repair the source of the leak, Power Maxed products can certainly help with minor leaks, and may even save some mechanical costs on the more major ones too.

Engine oil leaks
Power Maxed Engine Oil Stop Leak is designed to be poured into the oil of any vehicle, to replenish dehydrated seals in the oil system, restoring them and preventing leaks.

Power steering leaks
Power Maxed Power Steering Stop Leak works in a similar way but is compatible with the power steering fluid to replenish seals in the system, stopping leaks and preventing future leaks too.

Coolant leaks
Power Maxed’s Coolant Seal is a pour-in cooling system additive which uses carbon fibre particles to seal leaks in the cooling system, preventing coolant loss. Users should be reminded that coolant loss can be a symptom of a blown head gasket, so to check for the other symptoms of a blown head gasket before using Coolant Seal, as Steel Seal may be required.

All products are available from most major motor factors including Bennetts, A1, GroupAuto, Euro Car Parts and more.