Board of Directors Appointed in Automotive Brands’ Internal Restructure

Automotive Brands has this week appointed a Board of Directors to activate its intent in achieving the goal of becoming the absolute, number-one go-to supplier of vehicle care and maintenance products.

Automotive Brands, owner of vehicle care brand Power Maxed, market-leading head gasket repair brand Steel Seal and distributor of other well-known brands including Motul, Cataclean and Araldite, has promoted several existing well-known and well-qualified staff members to form an executive Board of Directors.

The company had previously operated with a sole Director and an executive management team. As the company has grown, the board has been appointed.

Graham Hollis, previously Sales Manager for Automotive Brands, is now UK Sales Director and has big plans for the growth of this area of the business.

“The restructure will benefit us hugely as a business; I can now focus on the statistics, ensuring our Sales process is as quick and easy for our customers as possible, and guaranteeing that the customer service we offer continues to be second to none. It also presents the opportunity for internal promotion to fill the Sales Manager role, which is a great way to boost the team, which ultimately is the most important thing to me. Happy staff translates to happy customers and both are very important both to me personally and to the company too.”

Steve Harrison, previously manager of the global export areas of the business which currently includes exporting Steel Seal and Power Maxed Coolant Seal to over 10 countries, including the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Finland and many more, sees positivity ahead for increased global sales with his move to the Export Director position.

“I think this is a really great opportunity to penetrate the global market in a big way. The Global Department has done extremely well with sales growing exponentially, and with the restructure I feel this is the time when our export sales will go through the roof; we have a solid product offering and have gained a lot of experience over the last few years to ensure our brands can and will continue to grow globally, and quickly.”

The third and final Director position has been filled by Peter Whittall, previously General Manager.

“Aside from the growth and operational changes which are already under way – such as our two new, high-capacity production line and our expansion into several local warehouses for increased stock capacity, and with planning permission in to build another – we have continued growth plans ahead to ensure we can continue to deliver an excellent service and the fantastic product quality which we are already so well-known for. The internal restructure puts us in a position to be able to manage this effectively for maximum efficiency and fast, well-managed business growth.” Peter will be responsible for overseeing the operational and legal elements of the business.

Adam Weaver, Managing Director of Automotive Brands, is confident that this is the best move for the business.

“We have grown very quickly and achieved an awful lot over the last 7 years that Steel Seal Ltd has been in business, and as a business grows, its needs change. I am very proud of the staff we have at Automotive Brands, and it was time to give them the responsibility and autonomy to do what they do best. I’m expecting to see the business grow in a big way overseen by Peter, Graham and Steve; our new Board of Directors. It’s incredibly exciting.”

Automotive Brands is constantly expanding its product offering to ensure that gaps in the market are filled and that, where possible, those products are available at reasonable prices, and with resources available to ensure sell-through, such as garage workouts and marketing. To enquire about stocking products under one of the brands distributed by Automotive Brands, contact 01789 330668.