Automotive Brands Run The BIG IFA Promotion to Members

Automotive Brands ran a highly successful promotion with members of the Independent Factor Association throughout the month of June, which has resulted in increased product take-up and increased sales for the members.

The promotion began due to a discussion between Automotive Brands and a couple of the most local members of the IFA, but quickly expanded into a promotional offering for the rest of the group.

The promotion was specific to the Power Maxed range of products; members who ordered one of every aerosol and lubricant product OR one of every additive product would receive either a free Power Maxed Sample Pack or an additional additive, aerosol or lubricant free of charge with their order.

The promotion has gone very well, and Automotive Brands expect to be running a variety of promotions to various groups and independent stockists too from the summer onwards. Stockists can get in touch on 01789 330668 to enquire about bespoke marketing solutions and promotional offers for future orders.

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