Automotive Brands in the News

The latest (and possibly most exciting) bit of Automotive Brands news is the announcement that Wayne Stevens, previously Managing Director of WIX Filters, is joining the AB team as a Non-Executive Director.

“Automotive Brands has huge potential for growth. The product offering is exciting and the company’s customer-centric approach is well-known across the industry, which is a core value for any successful company in my opinion. I felt this was critical to the success of my former company an an underlying belief of mine. It’s going to be about expanding on what we already do well, whilst also introducing some new exciting approaches and developments to assist with driving the company forward, with the ambition of one day being a category leader,” explains Stevens.

“I am particularly excited about the Power Maxed range of Additives and Cleaning products, as I feel there is a fantastic opportunity to emulate some of the successes the team and I had with the Filter category in my previous company utilising some proven best practices.”

Adam Weaver, Managing Director of Automotive Brands, explains the decision-making process: “Wayne has a proven background which anyone who has been in the industry for the last few years will have noticed and been impressed by. We wanted to use that experience and the customer-centric approach which has worked so well for WIX and their stockists, and bring even more of that to Automotive Brands as an additional benefit for our stockists.”

Wayne Stevens will join Automotive Brands in a non-executive role to spearhead and expand the sales and marketing initiatives working very closely with the recently-appointed Board of Directors at the company.

You can expect to read more in CAT magazine and Aftermarket magazine soon.

Other articles produced by Automotive Brands include the Green Stuff Remover product spotlight in Practical Classics magazine, which discussed how the renamed product (formerly Caravan Wash) helped the end user to better understand how the application of this product could help them. This piece reached approximately 42,600 people, and the Power Maxed website has already received orders directly attributable to this article.

Auto Express also published a review of our Medium Grade Clay Bar, which was rated three stars out of five, falling slightly short as the reviewers were not a fan of the stickiness of the clay. The stickiness was bred into the product upon request from our race team to reduce the chance of the product being dropped while used (a big no-no with claying), so the team at Power Maxed is now developing the product to meet both requirements. This piece reached over 43,000 Auto Express readers.

Thirdly and finally, Expert Reviews (website) published a review of Power Maxed Shampoo & Ultra Wax which had previously been written by Auto Express. The website has over 375,000 unique and repeat visitors, meaning that the second-place review of the core Power Maxed product reached a huge digital audience.

At Automotive Brands, we continue to work to increase awareness of our brands to the relevant markets. Keep a look out for Power Maxed and Steel Seal in the news.